About Lisa

Lisa Wilcoxson had the ability to connect to those in the spirit world as a child. After seeing people in her bedroom every evening for ten days, she was visited and told, “You are not ready yet. We will return.” Yet, her memory of this faded until years later…

It was 2013, and I was getting ready for bed. I came out from my closet exclaiming to my husband, “I just saw my Mom! I don’t understand—there’s no crying in Heaven!” My Mom and my son Michael died twelve years earlier. I was very confused. She was DEAD and I SAW her! And she was crying?

Three days later, I received a telephone call from the emergency room that my only other living child, eighteen-year-old Anthony, was on a ventilator and I needed to come quickly. My mother had known my heart was about to break.

Fade to black. I broke.

And then I opened.

There is a lot that happened between those two – from being broken and being opened, to the Majesty that is Divine Love. It’s a long, beautifully painful, exasperatingly magnificent story that is continuing to unfold daily.

I was at a grief retreat in a Tao Buddhist center when I was awoken by a young girl dancing at the foot of my bed. I could see right through her. I had already seen my own son, Anthony, but now this? Slowly they came to me, the children. They would show me something that would identify who their parents were. They would sit with me as I told their parents they were there. I had no idea what this was, yet I knew they were as real as the blood in my own veins. And so it began, my dedication to mediumship.

Love. Never. Dies. Neither do we. I’ve been shown.