“I recently had a reading with a psychic, medium, and shining  light parent, Lisa Wilcoxson.  After a detailed reading followed by a  long conversation with Lisa  I would  feel very comfortable recommending her to anyone interested in making contact with a loved who lives in spirit, and strongly recommend her for parents who’ve lost a child because on top of being a wonderful medium,  Lisa’s insight and  empathy for those of us who have lost a child is second to none.  Whether your child’s death followed a long illness or it came suddenly, without warning you will find a wise and knowing listener in Lisa who after surviving the physical death of both of her sons is uniquely relatable.  The reading itself was comforting as Lisa provided strong evidence that she had connected to my loved ones in spirit, and beyond that she connected with me.   Since starting  on this journey in July 2016,  I’ve found great comfort and inspiration in two ways:  by connecting with loved ones in  spirit, and by connecting with mothers right here who show me by example that it is possible to turn unthinkable loss into a new beginning.  By spending time with Lisa I was able to do both.” 

“Earlier this month I had a reading with Lisa who I had not met before and there is no way she would have known anything that she disclosed to me. She was very professional, made me feel very relaxed and secure. As the reading started I quickly realized that Lisa was the REAL DEAL..My father was described physically down to the last detail and had a message for my husband regarding business that came true the following day. Lisa had many people wishing to speak with me and I was overwhelmed that one of those people was my Nana.  Lisa described her wearing a plaid skirt and gold pin on her blouse which she did every time we went to visit. To make this real, I have a picture of my nana wearing that exact outfit on my book case at my home. There were many other TRUTHS to what I was told that day but what I came away with is I connected with my dad thru Lisa which made my heart start to heal. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lisa.”
–Alyson C.

“It is clear that Lisa Wilcoxson is a very gifted evidential medium. She also picked up on many things psychically to help my life as well.  Lisa received information that helped me on my journey and to align me with my life’s purpose. I was amazed by the end of the session. My reading with her gave me insights that no one else ever had. I will be using the information she brought to me to help me down my spiritual path. Her patience and love for wanting to help people was very evident. I would definitely recommend a reading from Lisa!!!”
–Mark P.

“Wow, Lisa is incredible! I did not know what to expect from the reading, but was I amazed at how precise she was. An old dear male friend who passed over 20 years ago spoke thru Lisa to me. He used his personality and mannerisms thru her in such a way I knew it was him without a doubt. He told her his first name started with a J, which I knew to be John. Lisa was also able to identify what he did for a living because he showed her a microphone and sang John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, identifying his name as well as the fact that he wrote jingles (commercial ads)! He showed her cupid with an arrow. Not only was that because he loved me, but because he painted me a picture at least 35 years ago of a heart and cupid with an arrow that I still have today. There were many other things that I could share that were also spot on, but you need to see for yourself. I would definitely recommend Lisa because she has a genuine talent and gift.”
–Sheryl G.

“Lisa is an amazing channel. She was so right on both with bringing forth really special people from Spirit and her messages of my future path in my life literally brought me to tears. Lisa is so authentic humble and a pure clear channel and I look forward to having another reading later on.”

It gave me chills. You brought my Grandfather to life. I had to go and pull out the family albums. Amazing.
–Tammy A.