Individual Mediumship and/or Psychic Readings

A mediumship reading is about connecting to your loved ones in spirit. They may provide specific evidence, to me for you, that:

  • Their consciousness continues
  • They are with you
  • They know what is happening in your life
  • Lets you know things about them no one else would possibly know

A psychic reading is about you and your higher self. With your permission, I am able to:

  • ‘Read’ what is around you, in your auric/energetic field
  • Describe what is seen that may be challenging your desired goals
  • Provide insight and confirmation of what you already know and feel on a soul level as you move forward along life’s path

Public Speaking & Presentations

My heart loves to share about any and all of the following. Please contact my office to customize a presentation that will fit the needs of your audience.

  • My experience with Loss, Grief, and the Journey Forward
  • Connecting with our Loved Ones
  • Miraculous Validations of the Afterlife

Group Readings

Please contact me directly to discuss your group event.